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Most organizations struggle to adapt to constantly changing customer needs and seek to build a closer and more strategic relationship with their customers.

Winning new orders on behalf of the right value proposition is essential to start the cultural change required - and to create multiple peer-to-peer relationships covering all relevant levels in the customer organization.

"The Way We Win" is a case based simulation build on our simulation framework. The simulation is aimed at training a sales or service organization in understanding customer demands and execute strategic selling. The simulation provides a shared experience of what "Customer Value" and "Strategic Partnering" really mean in a specific customer context. It also supports collaboration and helps build new teams.

"The Way We Win" is always based on one or more customized cases developed for the purpose.

Depending on the situation and the learning you want to emphasize, the cases can be either fictitious or real - and if you dare - you can make the scenarios even more realistic by inviting real customers to participate.

We can help you develop a suitable case - e.g. as part of a preparation workshop - or you can do it yourself following our specifications.

To perform the simulation you will need at least two customer “representatives”  (could be real customers or managers from organization), a host and two experts in the topic of the simulation from your organization.




The Way We Win - a casebased simulation experience
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