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 "Enjoyed the simulation and felt the scenarios and options were more akin to what you would expect to see."

"What was even more fascinating to me was the issue of ethics and values when put to the test against the future of a company, individual safety, internal roles and responsibilities, and accountability for decisions made. This made for great discussion, and I think brought home in an effective way how a culture, the leadership in that culture, and the reality of a major challenge to an organization will be met."

"It [the simulation] reminded me to ask questions - as many as possible - to glean the necessary information to make the right decision. Also, it was nice to have a variety of endings (paths) that the scenario could go down. I thought the decision points
(dilemmas) were lined up well, real (believable), and interesting.

"I liked the Eagle Racing Simulation for the standpoint that it provided you an interesting venue to make various decisions and then see how they played out."

"Upon completion of the simulation, students express a strong desire to go back and test what might have happened had they made different decisions, a testament to the level of engagement engendered by the experience!" (Course director)


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