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Elevator Pitch is an involving and exciting format that always creates high energy in the room. The idea of an Elevator Pitch is to get participants as groups or individuals, to present their message or ideas in a very concentrated form - typically as 1-2 minute videos.​

​A typical task could be to perform a sales pitch and explain why the customer should go with your suggestion. Another could be an internal pitch: explaining how you will build commitment to a new "plan" or initiative.


Often the video recording is followed by a round where everyone reviews at least 3-4 contributions from other participants and evaluate them in relation to some well-defined success criteria.​

Based on evaluations the winners can be declared – and the winning contributions can be shared on the main screen.

With the simulation framework that the Elevator Pitch is built on, any case can be turned into a simulation experience - adding competitive elements and individual as well as team feedback.


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