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The purpose of The Bid is to practice specific new behaviors. The format was originally developed in 2006 for a large multinational customer that changed its strategy from offering traditional service contracts on a market-by-market basis to becoming a strong outsourcing partner for large global corporations.

As you might imagine, this demanded quite a few changes in the Leadership Culture…



Customized Simulations top

The bid is about winning an important contract. The game is based on videos, where we see fictitious colleagues fighting to win the bid. From time to time, the video and players must decide how to tackle a tough dilemma.

Participants use an interactive setup to register their choices. Some choices are right; others are wrong. This is revealed after the voting.

The direct feedback and tough competition helps bring attention to some of the critical phases in a bidding process. 
After use at the top management conference, The Bid was developed into an interactive DVD and became part of the Management Training Program.

Subsequently The Bid has been produced in many variants for other large companies faced with complex change agendas.

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