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PCMA Convening Leaders 2013


Meetings & Events can be an important driver of strategic change – but the critical factor is corporate meeting planners' ability to get and maintain a close dialogue with C-level  executives. Wizer designed a half day simulation that put this challenge to the test.

Teams of 6 were briefed on the challenges of A5 (a fictitious corporation), met the CEO and the 4 key executives from A5 (played by experienced executives) and were invited to come up with a strategic plan.

Plans were presented and discussed – and the winner found by voting. On the back of the A5 experience – the keys to securing a seat at the C-level table was identified.

The experience was intense and all participants responded highly positive to this way of working ("Awesome”, "Challenging", "Fun"…)



With the need to obtain a more strategic role in the management team – on top of extreme cost consciousness and a profound need for re-inventing corporate meetings to become more successful – what will be the role models: "The Successful Corporate Meeting Planner of the Future". 

Wizer designed a 1 hour experience where teams of 6 created their individual role model: A person with a face, a name a title – and a very specific personality and job profile.

All contributed to be the "Most Innovative" but still "Realistic" and the winner was found by voting.

Based on this experience the participants was challenged to create their personal action plan. 

In spite of the short duration of the exercise it was found truly inspiring: “Enlightening”, "Engaging”, “Intense”…)

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