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When companies go through massive transformations, it can sometimes be hard to share common references about the future. This often causes uncertainty and slows down change.

We have vast experience in creating “Envisionings” about “a cold and stormy Tuesday” in a not so distant future (3-5 years from now) where things play out in new ways. Using videos, we show and tell how the organization solves challenges in completely new ways. Envisionings are both an enriching experience and a fantastic platform for engaging people in a specific discussion about the need for change.




Mayday is a story about a Wednesday in 2016 where a container ship looses a couples of containers in a terrible storm.

The containers unfortunately carried unique and  important parts - needed to finalize a very important  customer project.


The scenario that folds out from here, illustrates how this difficult situation is actually being handled by a combination of new processes, new tools, new roles, new ways of working etc...

Example from a 2020 envisioning
Example of a dilemma situation

We have created a lot of envisioning games for many different customers. And obviously these scenarios have to be tailored to the given situation.

However, although they are all quite different, the scenarios all follow some basic principles:

1) They take place in the future – for example five or ten years ahead.
They take place over a short period of time – e.g. an ordinary, rainy afternoon.

3) They show how a very challenging situation is managed.
4) They show how numerous people in different roles work together to solve complex tasks (that it would NOT be possible to manage with today’s tools and organization).

And, of course, the scenarios include specific intervention points where the participants are involved in tackling challenges or responding to dilemmas that engage and involve them.

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