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Achieving effective collaboration across cultures, business units and geographical sites has never been more demanding.The “Eagle Racing” simulation is a fun and engaging team experience, which addresses this challenge.

During the session the participants will experience many of the pitfalls of collaboration themselves – but they will also be provided with valuable tools to work around the challenges and how to improve. The experience also includes room for company specific reflections and assessment of cultural strengths/ weaknesses.

Different themes are addressed and discussed through the simulation e.g.:

Making and managing choices from both the rational and the emotional perspectives 

Strategic decision making in a high-risk context

The challenges of interpreting data and using evidence from various sources

Cultural conflicts, ethical issues, rumours and reputation

Eagle Racing top
Eagle Racing learning outcome

Improved understanding of own habitual tendencies, and inspiration and tools for improving collaboration skills.

A fun and engaging team experience that gives deeper understanding of the pitfalls of collaboration.

Awareness of corporate behavioral patterns and suggestions on initiatives to improve and avoid pitfalls.

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