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Typically asked questions and issues from users and facilitators are collected below

If you think something should be added to the list please e-mail your question.



Frequently asked questions and issues that end users typically experience.

Log in

Where do I find my password/log in information

Normally usernames and passwords are issued by e-mail either by you or Wizerize depending on the actual case.

A) If you distributed the passwords yourself:

Find the e-mail and resend the users log in information.

If you cannot find it ask to issue a new user/password.

Be aware that your e-mails might end up in spamfilter - so make sure that the user has received your e-mail.


B) If Wizerize distributed the password:

All If a user for some reason has not received the e-mail it might be caught in the spam filter or the user might have deleted it – ask to resend the information.

The welcome page is empty

User complains that the welcome page is empty.

​1) Ask the person to reload the page (and make sure he has Internet connection)  , if that does not help
2) Ask the person to close the browser and try again. If that does not help
3) Ask the person to try another browser. If that does not help either
4) Contact support


Videos are not playing

Your user is probably having problems with the bandwidth.

​To complete “What a Day” an Internet connection is required.
When the user activates the pre-simulation, the application will automatically detect the available connection speed and suggest the user to switch to a low resolution version if the bandwidth does not meet the normal requirements.

The suggestion is based on the following bandwidth definitions:
Low =, Medium=, High=

To little bandwidth will typically entail that everything “slows down”, and movies are paused or not loading.

A user can manually change to a lower resolution by changing the bandwidth setting placed in the lower left corner of the pre-simulation interface.

​NB! During the simulation the user will not be able to change the bandwidth​ settings.

Simulation flow

The simulation is finished without the user completing it

“What a Day” allows users to pause the simulation and come back later. If a user is interrupted during the simulation, do NOT remember to press pause and leaves the browser window open– he or she will experience that the simulation continues and that the time is up when he or she reenters the simulation.
To be able to complete the simulation we will have to reset the user (write to and ask the user to redo the whole flow.​

The simulation is missing or skipping a stage

If the browsers back or forward button is pressed anytime during a session the application will skip the current stage and proceed to the next. This means that whole sections of the game could be missing. If the user, e.g. press forward at the latest stage of the pre-simulation flow, the simulation part will be skipped and the user will go directly to the post-simulation flow. The application is warning the users about not using the back/forward buttons - but if it happens anyway - we will have to reset the user (write to and ask the person to redo the whole exercise.

User cannot access the game from the test-ride

The proceed to test-ride button is placed at the bottom of the interface below the company news - if a user has a small screen or has re-sized the browser window - the buttons might be hidden. Ask the person to scroll/re-size to fullscreen to find the buttons.

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Frequently asked questions and issues from facilitators and partners.


How to prepare for a “What a day” session?


The Facilitator guide (part of the Facilitator Package) provides you with all the necessary information needed to plan and prepare deployment and debriefing of What a Day” – if you have further questions, or suggestions for the package, please contact us.

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Managing a simulation session

How to monitor participant progress and results?


To monitor participant progress and access results, you need access to the “Facilitator Website” as described in the Facilitators guide. Also read more below.​

What's my Username/Password to the facilitator web?

For each group or customer you are facilitating you’ll get a specific username/password (username is most likely your e-mail, and will remain the same, but PW will differ).
If you cannot find the information or experience problems logging in please contact

I do use my facilitator login – but I end up in the simulation?

​If you have completed the simulation and later tries to log into the facilitator site from the same browser – you might experience that you are send into the simulation instead. This is because a cookie on the computer remembers the previous user id and password and makes it easy for the normal participants to get back if the simulation is interrupted.

For those of us who uses more sites and logins it means that we have to….

Use two different browsers: e.g. if you completed the game in “Explorer” you might use “Firefox” to access the facilitator site.

Log out of the simulation before logging in with the “facilitator user” (or another user id). To do that - click on the below link (copy and pate into your browser): ("sun" might be substituted with actual server that your event is using)

Click the "Login again" button.
Provide the username and password related to the site you want to use e.g. The facilitator log in.

How to se participant status and progress

On the “Participant Status” page you can follow the progress of each participant. (Use the grey top menu to select “Participant Status”)

The columns in the Participant Status table, provides an overview of the different main stages in the simulation – and for each users show whether they have completed this stage or not.

Name & email = The users name and email as provided for deployment
Password created = If a password is created and emailed to the user a Yes will appear
Pre-simulation started? = If the user has completed the Pre-simulation stage a Yes will appear.
​Simulation completed? = If the user has completed the Simulation including the post-simulation, a Yes will appear.
To be able to generate a personal report – and for the users results to appear in the group total, it’s a prerequisite that also the Post-simulation is completed. (As the “Positive Attitude” score is based on the assessment that the user makes in the post-game).

Debrief completed? = If the user has completed the whole debriefing flow a Yes will appear (Completing the debriefing flow is not a prerequisite to generate results or to be able to participate in debriefing activities)

How to order and download my participant’s personal reports?


Request Report/Download Report= As soon as a user has completed the simulation a green “Generate report” button will appear. When you press this, the report generator the button will change to a yellow “In queue” button and the server will start processing the data.

When this procedure is completed, a green “Download” button will appear next to the “Generate” button as soon as the report is ready (it might take a little while so please have patience). When the green “Download” button is pressed your browser will start downloading the report from the server (which might also take a little while). You can now save the report to your computer, print it or mail it to the user depending on your deployment scenario. (You can download the report as many times as you want to by pressing the “Download” button).

NB! After you have generated the first report for any given user, the “Generate report” button will change name to “Generate new report” – this button will update the users report with the latest results from the group (but will of course not change the personal results of this specific user). When you press the “Generate new report” you’ll se that it again changes color and that the “Download” button from before will disappear. Wait for the “Download” button to re-appear and then download the latest update.

Tip: Use the “Reload” button in the upper right part of the page from time to time - to make sure that you screen gets updated when the reports are ready.

How to download the Facilitator Report?

On the frontpage of the facilitator website you’ll find a link to generate and update the Facilitator Report. If you have never generated the report the green button says “Generate Report” – and no download link will be visible below the button. If you have previously generated a report the button says “Update facilitator report” and a download link is visible below the button.
NB! Remember to update BEFORE downloading if you want to access the latest results.​

How do I access to latest results graphics?

To prepare you feedback presentation you’ll need to insert the actual results from your group. You’ll find these at the facilitator website. Use the top menu “Results” to access each result and make screen-shots to insert in your presentation.

NB! All data are recalculated and all graphics updated accordingly every time you log in to the facilitator web. What you get is therefore always the latest results - based on all participants in the specific group - who has completed the simulation experience (marked with a “Yes” in the “simulation completed?” column on the “Participant Status” page).

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