Typically asked questions and issues from users and facilitators are collected below

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Frequently asked questions and issues that end users typically experience.

Log in

Where do I find my password/log in information

The welcome page is empty


Videos are not playing

Simulation flow

The simulation is finished without the user completing it

The simulation is missing or skipping a stage

User cannot access the game from the test-ride

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Frequently asked questions and issues from facilitators and partners.


How to prepare for a “What a day” session?

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Managing a simulation session

How to monitor participant progress and results?

What's my Username/Password to the facilitator web?

I do use my facilitator login – but I end up in the simulation?

How to se participant status and progress

How to order and download my participant’s personal reports?

How to download the Facilitator Report?

How do I access to latest results graphics?

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