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“Eagle Racing” is a group experience that can be deployed in both a small and a large group setting - mostly at a physical session - but it can also be used virtually.

This model provides an overview;

The Eagle Racing deployment models
Eagle Racing top
Eagle Racing deployment - small group


12-30 participants meet for 3 hours to a full day. The timing for the feedback sessions is indicative, as it is possible to emphasize different elements and add/remove specific exercises depending on the pedagogical objectives associated with the simulation.

Eagle Racing deployment - large group


To complete “Eagle Racing” with a larger group of people (from 30-1,000) interactive technology is recommended. This set up requires a computer for each team – and an individual voting device for each participant.

The large group session takes 2-3 hours.

Eagle Racing deployment - virtual


“Eagle Racing” could also be used as a virtual experience to demonstrate different collaboration and communication technologies.

Participants could in example use e-mail (with a courtesy copy to the facilitator) to collaborate on the group decisions. In addition to the traditional collaboration challenges such exercises will illustrate some of the typical pitfalls of decision-making by different medias and make room for learning about a more conscious use of communication technologies.

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