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Wizerize A/S assets, including intellectual property and client relationships, are wholly owned by BTS Group AB, a world leading strategy implementation firm that accelerates execution by building the alignment, mindset and capability needed to deliver superior business impact.

Since 2005 we have invested in building our own Web 2.0 platform: Wizer®.

This is – to our knowledge – the most advanced and flexible persuasive technology platform that exists.

We are practical people – not theorists.

This means that we base all innovation – of concepts as well as of our technology platform – on solving specific customer challenges.

This also means that all our solutions have already proven their value in real-life projects for large global corporations.

Many of our concepts have been developed in close cooperation with Professor Albert Angehrn, Director of CALT (Centre of Advanced Learning Technologies) at INSEAD, with whom we have had a close collaboration for over three years.


In respect to how we work, we prefer becoming an integrated part of our customer’s project team – working closely together with our customers and – when relevant – with other specialized consultants.

This open attitude – and our own network of like-minded companies – allows us to take on large and complex assignments.

Simulations are only one of our specialties. Visit our engagement website to learn more about participant engagement and co-creation.

Wizer Engage - turn participants into active attendees


In a WIZERized conference every participant has a voice and becomes involved in knowledge sharing, learning and co-creation that motivates and changes individuals – and thus the organization as a whole.



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